Visits to Loyangalani Museum
Visits to the El Molo Village and villages of six other tribes
Picnics and Sundowners by the Lake
Boat Trips to South Island
Authentic Traditional Dancing by the Turkana Tribe
Day trips to Mount Kulal Forest

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How to get to Oasis-Lodge

You have several options:

  • You may drive, with a 4WD vehicle from Nairobi via Rumuruti-Mararal-Baragoi-South Horr to Loyangalani. That route takes two days and an overnight stay at Maralal Safari Lodge would be necessary.
  • You may drive via Isiolo-Laisamis-South Horr to Loyanagalani. This route is more comfortable because the road from Nairobi to Laisamis is asphalted. After that, it is made of murram.

 In both options, care should be taken during heavy rains as the murram roads may become impassable.

  • You may fly, using a charter aircraft from Nairobi. The flight from Nairobi to the Lodge takes two hours and leads over some very interesting geography of Kenya, such as the Aberdare Mountains, the Laikipia Plains, the Maralal Escarpment, Suguta Valley, various volcanoes and Islands, and much more. With this flight one can view a cross-section of the Kenyan landscape in a short time.

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