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In the far north of Kenya lies Lake Turkana - the Jade Sea. It is set in the rugged moonscape of the Great Rift Valley; an area tortured over the eons by immense volcanic activity. It is the place where mankind was born. It is a place for the traveller not the tourist.

The existence of this great lake (250 kms long and nearly 60 kms at the widest point) became known to the western world in 1889 when Count Teleki returned to Zanzibar from an epic 3200 km journey of discovery which had taken 21 month, (and during which he lost 40 kg in weight!). He had named the lake "Rudolf" after the Austrian Crown Prince, a name which remained until 1975 when it was changed to “Turkana” – in honour of the majority of the peoples who live in the region.

In the southern tip of the Lake is a small settlement called Loiyangalani - named after a scanty shrub of the area - and nearby is a genuine oasis where fresh water gushes from the hot rocks and doum palms provide shade and comfort from the scorching sun.

Here is Oasis Club, a comfortable haven for exploration of the Lake and a famed fishing centre.

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